Saturday, January 28, 2012

The River

If you like the show “Lost,” or TNT’s “The Closer,” you’re going to find this new show on ABC to be amazing.  From Executive Producer, Steven Spielberg, comes “The River,” Premiering February 7th on ABC, should make for great conversation near the water cooler at work.  Entertainment Weekly, great magazine company here in the city provided tickets for the screening which took place at the Land Mark Theater, Lower East Side of Manhattan this past Thursday. 

A little bit about the story; a DR. of nature goes missing on a boating trip along the Amazon River and his family is contemplating if he died.  After deciding to start searching, the DR.’s wife, their only son along with friends and a TV production company (24-hr filming footage for TV shows) made the trek to the area where the boat could possibly be.  Traveling along the Amazon, using GPS device, the “Magnus,” name of the boat, was located and upon discovery, the boat and its crew were missing aboard and that’s when it got really interested.  The storyline is amazing; constantly leaving you on the edge wondering what is going to happen next.

I totally enjoyed the 2 screened episodes and now I’m ready to start watching in 2 weeks.  “The River,” is going to be a hit!  I’m ready!

It's Not Swamp Thing, It's The River

It’s been a while since we wrote a review. Nothing was worth it more than writing a review of “The River,” a new drama to debut February 7th of this year on ABC. You don’t get a sneak peak but you do get a sneak review of the drama that will capture you for the next five or six years or even more if the story line remains good.

If you live in New York, you’ve probably seen the TV ads and the subway ads that seem more like the Swamp Thing from years ago than a grown-up drama. The ads don’t do the TV show any justice. However, The River is not what it seems, it is a grown-up drama.

If you watch the first episode you’ll be thrown off by what I’ll call the phony acting on the first scene where the premise of the show is explained. Please don’t switch the channel, it gets better. The first scene is helpful because it explains the premise.

The River is about the search for Emmet Cole, an environment and animal lover who goes on an expedition to the Amazon but is never found. Emmet’s family is offered a chance to find him. It comes at a price of being filmed for a reality show. But it is not the first time the family is filmed; we learned that they took part in a reality show before. When they get to where they thought Emmet would be, the cast finds out that it is not as easy as they thought. There’s more  to the story than a lost man in the jungle.

I could tell you the particulars of what happens on the first episode  but you need to watch it. It is filmed like the Blair Witch Project with very personal, documentary-style, sometimes with extreme close-ups. No don’t be afraid, that style is not used the entire time, it is shot like a regular show most of the time. The show is full of mystery, drama, and magic. While my husband and I watched, I was holding on strong to his arm, which may have possibly caused injury. I give the show 4 out of 5 stars and recommend you hold on tight for a very wild ride.

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