Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Guess I Got My Swagger Back

I've seen Jay-Z plenty of times before, on many different stages and with different acts. I've seen him at  Yankee Stadium, the Izod Center, and another time at MSG. I've also seen Kanye on his own for the Glow in the Dark Tour. The concerts with this pair didn't get old to me, I still wanted to see the both in Watch the Throne. As a group, they have a different vibe altogether.

I thought the production of the show was amazing, starting from the suspense leading up to the beginning of the show. The staging was original and enhance the performance. The show got even better as it went on with unique staging and colorful lighting. This show stood out as different from what I've seen before.

The show itself was phenomenal, it was a hit. It completely separated the professionals from the beginners. The show lived up to the hype and the title of the album, Watch the Throne.  I liked their approach to the show, in some portions they were together and other times they performed solo. In addition, I liked the incorporation of the skits between songs, which were used to answer questions between one another.

I highly recommend you buying tickets, check the tour schedule for upcoming dates. I'm giving this 5 stars.


Jay-Z & Kanye The Throne Lives Up to Its Name

It's almost senseless writing a blog post about Jay-Z because all of his concerts are usually sold out. To me, that means that people want to see him and they like his performances. But I'll do my best to review "Watch the Throne" concert for those of you who have never seen Kanye or Jay-Z in concert.

My husband and I waited about two hours for the show to start. Their big entrance did not disappoint. Two square stages emerged from the underground. Lit at the center of each were Jay-Z and Kanye. On Display at each of the sides of the two stages were sharks and other threatening animals, which appeared to be the theme of the whole show. The glitz of this show could clearly be seen by the large display of images but also the grandiose screens on the main stage. The display of lights was also a sight to see, Kanye jokingly said, "we paid for those lights, I mean you paid for those" of the amount of money spent on the big spectacle.

We, however, didn't go to see a spectacle. We went to reminisce on all the good music created by that incredible pair. Jay-Z is a great performer. He is extremely energetic on stage. He smiles as he raps and the audience can see that he is enjoying himself doing his "job." I couldn't help it dance away and forget about everything else around me.

Kanye on the other hand didn't have a good start. He seemed to be lacking a bit of energy at the beginning of the show. It almost seemed that he was sick and had a very hoarse sounding voice. His energy lifted and there was a turn around the middle of the show. It must have been seeing his idol at work that inspired him.

We didn't stay for the whole show because we have jobs. Believe me, it was so good that I wanted to stay. I'm giving this concert a 4 out of 5 stars since they were pretty late.