Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who knew...? 21 Jump Street, I may wanna sign up and be a cop!

21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, such a funny movie that I highly recommend.  Two former students from the same high school meet up at the local police academy, eventually passing and becoming cops then more than cops. After a drug bust gone bad, they were sent to join a group located at 21 Jump Street supervised by Captain D (Ice Cube).  Jonah and Channing were sent back to High School as students going undercover to catch a drug dealer.

From the onset, they were sucked in, Jonah, playing the role of a cool, down to earth student, Channing, playing the role of a nerd due to an identity switch gone wrong in the principal’s office.  They both embraced their roles and from that moment, the onscreen chemistry shined and the two budding stars took over.  This movie was amazingly funny.  I know what Jonah brings to the table when it comes to comedies but wasn’t sure of Channing’s comedic ability.  Channing did a phenomenal job; he totally understood his role and nailed it. 

By the end of the movie which went by fast, because it was so good, I was glad I had the opportunity to screen this film.  I laughed the entire time!  I give 21 Jump Street 4 stars.  

21 Jump Street: An Unexpected Surprise

I didn't go to the screening of the new 21 Jump Street with very high hopes. As a former viewer of the old 21 Jump Street I was very skeptical about the plot and that it would actually be a good movie. I'm getting way ahead of myself, I should first start with the plot. 21 Jump Street is an undercover unit of a police department who infiltrate youth circles to find criminals. The police officers serving on this unit must look like youth in order to fit in with teens. I have to tell you though that I don't remember the details of the the old show because it was so long ago, however, I do remember that it was a drama.

In the new movie, the story focuses on two guys who get transferred to the 21 Jump Street unit after they mess up a bust. You'll have to see the movie to get the backstory of the two guys, which makes the story even more interesting. Unlike the TV drama from the eighties, the new movie is very funny. If you're familiar with the show you'll see the familiar faces of the former youth unit. They even make fun of the fact that they are repeating a story that's already been done.

Even if you never saw the 21 Jump Street show I can almost guarantee that you'll love the new movie. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are completely hilarious. You'll laugh, cry laugh, see stuff blow up, and lots of shooting. What else can you ask for from a movie about cops! I'm giving this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

The eighties are back! You know you want to watch old episodes of 21 Jump Street? Go to
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captivating! Epic! Deception! Greed! & Denzel's performance...Classic (goes without saying)!

Kanye West – No Church in the Wild Lyrics

 "Safe House," starring Denzel and Ryan Reynolds was a phenomenal film.  I stepped into the theater thinking that it was going to be great and I wasn't disappointed.  Anything that DW touches, you can bet that he is going to give it 110% and that is exactly what he did.  Ryan Reynolds wasn’t sure how he was going to approach the role but, his on-screen presence held up.  He did a good job.  I was excited about seeing the film and without a doubt, I highly recommend…put this on your list.

Release Date: Feb10th

My rating: 4.5 stars!   

Denzel is Good at Being Bad in Safe House

My husband and I were two of the few who were lucky enough to get a screening pass for the movie "Safe House." He and I both love Mr. Denzel Washington and we couldn't wait to see this movie. We waited in line for about and hour and a half and it was worth it.

In the beginning of the movie we learn that a "Safe House" is a place where criminals are kept safe. In the story the CIA tries to keep Denzel safe by sending him to the house. There he meets a young member of the CIA who has a security/bodyguard type of role. Denzel seems to see himself as a young guy and mentors him. Don't get confused, Denzel is the bad guy in the movie. But as you probably know from your own life experiences, not everything is black and white. In his role Denzel is the gray area.

If you love Denzel, action, and little mystery this is the movie you want to see. I wouldn't recommend this movie for kids because it is extremely violent. This of course is not an Oscar contender but it will up there with all of the MTV Movie Awards. Denzel is good at being good and good at being bad. I'm going to give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.